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Kasak Legal, PLLC is committed to zealous protection of individual rights and the rights of individuals and businesses to be free from the overreaching of all government entities, law enforcement agencies, and administrative or regulatory bodies.

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Kasak Legal, PLLC

Kasak Legal’s strong commitment to protecting the liberty and autonomy of people and their businesses is rooted in the belief that an infringement on the rights of any individual or entity is an affront to the rights of all individuals. Kasak Legal, PLLC believes it is the duty of all citizens and all members of the legal community to passionately protect the liberty guaranteed by our Constitution and that the failure to assert your rights is the surest way to lose them. Kasak Legal, PLLC’s highest purpose is to assist you in asserting your rights and protecting your liberty. Whether you are fighting an unlawful search or seizure or your business is fighting the burdens of overreaching local government ordinances, Kasak Legal, PLLC will represent your interests zealously.

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Criminal Defense

You Have rights. Our job is to ensure that law enforcement and government agencies are accountable if they violate those rights. We work to ensure you get the best end result achievable.

Business Services

We represent your business from formation to expansion. We focus on providing a solid foundation upon which to grow businesses and on representing your business when navigating state and local regulatory red tape, licensing issues, and other legal obstacles.

Protect Your Assets

Kasak Legal, PLLC can assist you in developing an estate plan and taking other action to ensure that your assets are protected for you and your family.


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