About the Firm

Kasak Legal, PLLC is a Michigan law firm focused on protecting personal liberty and supporting the local business community. Kasak Legal believes that our community is a better place when civil liberties are protected, the constitutional rights of individuals are secured, and when government allows business owners the freedom to make a living without burdensome regulation getting in the way. Whether you are an individual or a local business, you deserve legal representation that will zealously advocate for your well-being.


Kasak Legal, PLLC provides a wide range of legal services to accommodate the needs of individuals and business clients.

The firm’s focus is on protecting the rights and liberties of individuals and business owners. Whether you find yourself embroiled in a zoning or land use dispute with your local municipal government, are charged with a crime, or are being subjected to a burdensome governmental regulatory scheme, Kasak Legal can assist you or your business to ensure that your rights are protected, your business can grow, and that your individual liberty is secure.

Your exercise of individual liberty is supposed to be vast, and the government’s limit on that liberty is supposed to be minimal. You should have the right to live your life, grow your business, and live free from government intrusion on your life, so long as you respect the rights and liberty of others. Despite this reality, law enforcement and local, state and federal government agencies find countless ways to interfere with that liberty. Kasak Legal’s primary objective, its passion in the practice of law, is to assist you in protecting your rights. If you believe that your rights have been violated call Kasak Legal to discuss your options.

Flexible Service Arrangements

We understand that you may be working with a limited amount of financial resources. Sometimes, just knowing how much an attorney is going to charge you per hour doesn’t tell you anything about how much the services are going to cost you. For certain types of cases, an hourly rate really is the most reasonable and effective way of getting services. However, there are many circumstances where hourly billing adds an unreasonable level of uncertainty. Many traditional law offices refuse to offer, or are reluctant to utilize, alternative billing options…we embrace them.

Free Consultations: Kasak Legal will never charge for an initial consultation. All potential clients receive a free consultation. Call us at (248) 260-4139 to set up your consultation.

The Flat Fee: Flats fee arrangements provide the client the benefit of knowing exactly how much the cost of legal services will cost. A flat fee arrangement charges an agreed upon price for all services performed regardless of the time is takes to complete those services.

Contingency Fee: For some types of cases the ideal arrangement is one wherein the attorney absorbs all the risk of taking on the case. In these types of cases, the attorney will only be paid if the client gets some type of recovery. Under this arrangement, the lawyer gets a percentage of the client’s recovery. It is true that these types of fee arrangements can result in substantial attorney fees, however, it is important to remember that if the lawyer loses, he or she gets nothing. The lawyer charges a percentage that will cover the risk he or she assumes when taking on the case. The benefit for the client is that the lawyer assumes that risk in the case of a loss as well. Therefore, if the client doesn’t win, the client doesn’t pay…as one local attorney says, “it a no fee guarantee”…most lawyers offer such a guarantee..including Kasak Legal.

Subscription Programs: One of the unique features Kasak Legal offers is the option for certain types of clients (business and non-profits) to enroll in a subscription service plan. These plans are designed to address the needs of businesses and non-profit organizations at different levels of development. Most start-ups, small businesses, and non-profits encounter a multitude of legal issues during the course of operations. Each stage of operations has a distinct set of legal needs. Kasak Legal offers three Subscription Plans that provide substantially discounted rates for purchasing a bundle of legal services. We will customize a plan to fit your businesses needs. Contact Kasak Legal at (248) 260-4139, by email or via the Contact page to discuss plan options.


About Ryan

Ryan M. Kasak is the principal attorney and founding member of Kasak Legal, PLLC.  Prior to starting the firm in 2012 Ryan worked in private practice and in the public sector. Ryan was an associate attorney at a local firm where he served as an assistant city attorney for several Michigan municipalities. He was a local prosecutor, provided municipal defense services and was responsible for drafting and enforcing municipal ordinances. Ryan also worked with the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and with the City of Chicago Law Department, Division of Building and Land Use Litigation.

Given this background, Ryan’s practice still focuses heavily on interactions between municipal or state entities and individuals and businesses. Providing criminal defense, representation on ordinance violations, licensing, permitting and various other regulatory compliance work for individuals and business owners.

Ryan is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and is licensed to practice in all courts in the State of Michigan.  He is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Ryan was born and raised in Metro Detroit. He did his undergraduate studies at the University of Detroit Mercy where he obtained a B.A. in Philosophy, a B.A. in Political Science and a Certificate in Legal Studies. He continued his education at Loyola University Chicago, School of Law where he received a Juris Doctor.

When Ryan is not lawyering or running his practice, he spends his time with his family or participating in one of his hobbies: photography, backpacking, or spending time outdoors.