Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The practice focuses on three interrelated areas of law:

Zoning and Land Use: One of the most burdensome areas of government interference in our lives and the operation of our businesses comes in the form of Land Use and Zoning restrictions. Such restrictions can impact how we use our land, how we build our homes and how we operate our businesses. Some such restrictions are warranted and helpful, others are unnecessary, overly restrictive and unjustified restrictions on otherwise lawful use of our property.

Small Business/Start-Ups: Working with small businesses as they navigate local and state regulations. We concentrate on preparing start-up documents, drafting and reviewing documents such as contracts, leases, and other types of agreements, engage in licensing applications and litigation, and much more. Our business practice focuses on representing Michigan start-ups and small businesses as they navigate state and local governments regulations, zoning/land use, licensing, development, administrative and other issues.

Ordinance Violations/Administrative Regulation Violations: One area of particular focus is representing individuals and businesses facing various kinds of local ordinance, state administrative, and other regulatory violation or charges. These violations, if not dealt with in a proper manner, can have a significant impact on an individual’s liberty or a businesses ability to continue operating.

Criminal Defense: Our criminal defense practice focuses on assisting those charged with crimes as they navigate the criminal justice system. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients get the best possible outcomes. In addition to the final result, we emphasize a thorough review of the facts and law to ensure that our client’s constitutional rights have been adhered to and that they are given all the rights to which they are entitled. Specifically, our criminal practice focuses on firearms charges, DUI charges, marijuana and other drug related charges, search and seizure issues and municipal ordinance violations.

Civil Liberties Litigation:  Our rights are only secure if we fight to protect them. We represent clients who have had their rights violated. Whether you have been the victim of police misconduct, unlawful arrest, if you were deprived of your right to free speech or religion, if your rights as a gun owner have been infringed, or any other right has been violated, we can help.